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NeoStock Cinematic Stock Photography – Review

Read our review of NeoStock, a stock photography company specialising in cinematic images for book covers and other themed digital art projects.

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An image of a woman in red looking shamed by expressive self portrait artist Juta Jazz

The Expressive Self-Portraits of Juta Jazz

Juta Jazz is a mobile artist who uses a variety of effects to create expressive self-portraits with emotionally charged themes.
A soft pastel digital abstract image by artist Michael Hunter

Digital Abstract Paintings by Michael Hunter

Michael Hunter hails from Lancashire, UK. He specialises in digital abstract paintings, using mixed media techniques to create his bold minimalist artwork.
A dream-like portrait of a long-haired man descending a stairway by artist Paul J Toussaint

Dream-Like Portraits by Paul J Toussaint

Paul J Toussaint is a mobile artist whose work is bold and colourful. His featured work is dream-like portraits in an expressionistic, painterly style.

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