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Titika creates visual narratives of her dreams, depicting the duality of self using double-exposures of her self-portraits.
Esperanza is a visual artist from Spain. She uses a mixture of photos and effects to create her images; a style she has named 'Photoimagination'.

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Otherworldly Images by Herwig Claeys

Herwig edits the photos he takes, using blurs and other effects to create haunting, otherworldly images that leave the viewer intrigued.

Photographic Storytelling Images by Michele McCain

Michele travels the world capturing photos of landscapes, buildings and interesting people to weave into her one-of-a-kind photographic storytelling images.

Mash-up Portraits by Damian De Souza

Damian uses distorted photos of himself captured on his iPad, along with other photos, to create surreal and often humorous mash-up portraits.

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