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Surreal Photo-manipulation by Eileen Tavormina

This week's artist feature from the #twistingpixels hashtag on Instagram is the surreal photo manipulation of Eileen Tavormina.

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A warped reality image of a woman sitting on a chair with a bottle of wine and a glass by her side by Teresa Lunt

Warped Reality Paintings by Teresa Lunt

This week's interview is with Teresa Lunt. Teresa uses mobile apps to create her 'warped reality' paintings based on original drawings and photos.
An Anime style image of a geeky teenage girl by Lean Rose Rivera

Anime Characters by Lean Rose Rivera

This week's feature is young Filipino artist Lean Rose Rivera. Lean specialises in Anime style images, which she draws digitally.
A stylised composite portrait by artist Bader Qabazard

Composite Portraits by Bader Qabazard

Bader Qabazard is from Kuwait. He creates painterly composite portraits by layering parts of many of his photos and adding textures and abstract marks.

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