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Viktória bases her self-expressive surrealist imagery on the many photos she takes while she's travelling and her love of architectural decoration.
Alisa has created an ongoing series of reimaged classics, where she references the original paintings in a futuristic style.

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Painterly Abstracts by Graeme Heddle

Graeme uses apps on his iPad to create painterly abstracts, based on the photos he takes of landscapes and other scenes around him.
The Figurative Expressionism of featured artist Paul-André Hamel

Figurative Expressionism by Paul-André Hamel

Paul edits the photos he takes of people in the street and in buildings, often galleries, to create hazy, silhouettes in the figurative expressionism style.

Minimalist Collages by Louis Bowes

Louis goes out photographing everyday scenes and items which he extracts elements from to use alongside archive images for his minimalist collages.

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