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Conceptual Collages by Tracey Grumbach

Tracey creates her conceptual collages using images cut out of books and magazines, which she photographs and edits using mobile apps.

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A textured photomontage still life image of a vintage water jug and a bowl of pears.

Digital Photomontage by Simone Riley

Simone Riley creates beautiful photomontage images of still lifes and abstracts using photographs and textures she captures in the places she visits.
A minimalist portrait of a woman in a white ballgown wearing a glowing crown

Minimalist Portraits by Christine O Sobczak

This week's #twistingpixels hashtag feature is the minimalist portraits of Christine O Sobczak. Christine uses mobile apps to create her distinctive images.
An expressive digital painting of a road at dusk with a single car in the distance

Emotive Digital Paintings by Lisa Ann Muro

This week we meet Lisa Ann Muro. Lisa nearly always has her iPad with her so she can create her emotive digital paintings wherever she is.

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