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The Minimalist Art of Marsha Estes

Marsha Estes is a photographer, designer and painter who combines all three disciplines to create her minimalist abstract artwork.

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A surreal image of a flamingo amongst bushes in a seascape by Illusography artist Alan Brown

The Surreal ‘Illusography’ of Alan Brown

Alan Brown is a surrealist artist who combines photography and 3D to create his dream-like 'Illusography' fine-art imagery.
A gothic fantasy image of a pale woman in black surrounded with bats by featured artist Claudio Marchesi

Feature: The Gothic Fantasy Art of Claudio Marchesi

Claudio Marchesi specialises in fantasy art, favouring the Gothic and macabre themes. He creates his images by blending stock images and textures.
A spiritual image of three silhouetted figures. The central figure is glowing white and emitting energy waves by artist John Hawkins

The spiritual, reflective imagery of John Hawkins

John Hawkins blends photos from his library to create his art. His work is a reflection, sometimes spiritual, of his personal insights.

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