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Lucy is a self-taught digital artist who creates dramatic contemporary portraits by eroding and blending photos into the background.
Jack is a mobile artist who uses apps on the iPhone and iPad to create bold, energetic abstract paintings.

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Minimalist Portraiture by Patty Maher

Patty is an award-winning artist, specialising in minimalist portraiture. She rarely shows her subjects' faces, and instead uses posture for her narratives.
An image depicting two silhouetted figures, one seated, the other standing. A shadow falls away from the standing figure to join the seated one

Street-art Style Images by Candice Railton

Candice creates abstract and surreal street-art style images using her iPhone. Her art conveys themes of feminism, social issues and mental health.

Conceptual Storytelling Art by Anca Balaj

Anca conjures her conceptual storytelling images straight from her vivid imagination, using a combination of vintage photos and hand-painted elements.

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