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Phantasmagoric Abstracts by Heiko Mergard

Heiko is a German artist who combines photographs, textures, text and hand-drawn elements to create his phantasmagoric abstracts.

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A surreal photmontage of a whirlwind in teacup with an ear for a handle.

Conceptual Photomontage by Raqee S. Najmuldeen

Raqee is a lecturer in graphic design and a published author who enjoys creating magical conceptual images.
A painterly, expressive image of a train with a multicoloured sky as a background by featured artist, Dave Parsons

Expressive Photo Art by Dave Parsons

Dave is a mobile photographer and artist who creates his expressive photo art using bold colours, blur effects and carefully blended textures.
A storybook image of a set of buildings made out of old books

Storybook Images by Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner

Brigitte has been using Photoshop since its very early days. Her surreal and fantasy images have a distinct storybook style.

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