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Expressive Photo Art by Dave Parsons

Dave is a mobile photographer and artist who creates his expressive photo art using bold colours, blur effects and carefully blended textures.

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A storybook image of a set of buildings made out of old books

Storybook Images by Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner

Brigitte has been using Photoshop since its very early days. Her surreal and fantasy images have a distinct storybook style.
A whimsical image of a boy in uniform on a stage with ghost-like soldiers behind him

Whimsical Designs by Kim (tatteredphotographs)

Kim uses Photoshop and mobile apps to combine the photos, textures and other graphic elements that go to create her whimsical storytelling images.
A cinematic image of a woman asleep on a raft in a storm, surrounded by the tentacles of a giant octopus

Cinematic Illustration by Matt Seff Barnes

This week we meet cinematic illustrator, Matt Seff Barnes. Matt creates stunning book covers and posters in the Thriller and horror genres.

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