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Abstract Doodles by Mike Caimbeul

Mike has set himself up in the wilderness, on the fringes of society, where he can create his abstract doodles whilst nestled in the calmness of nature.

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A digital painting of a woman listening to music as she walks down a street

Digital Paintings and Illustrations by Mario Sughi

Mario works with precise lines and bold blocks of colour to make his candid, slice-of-life digital paintings using traditional artistic techniques.
A calming, minimalist image of a room divided by a window with a single figure of a person

Calming, Minimalist Art by Oola Cristina

Oola's style is surrealism. Her work weaves its way seamlessly in and out of abstraction, calming minimalism and, in contrast, playful collage.
A soulful double-exposure image featuring a self-portrait of the artist with natural elements

Soulful Double-exposure Images by Susan Detroy

Susan uses her mobile phone and an iPad to blend self-portraits and her photos of nature to create soulful double-exposure style images.

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