About the featured artist

This week’s featured artist from the #twistingpixels Instagram hashtag is photo artist Britta Knappmann. Britta uses intentional camera movement (ICM) to create the basis for her art. The technique stretches and blurs the subject at the time of shooting, giving it a hazy and otherworldly feel. The effect is then further enhanced with the use of textures and filters.

I’ve chosen a set of Britta’s abstract architecture images for the feature to act as both a contrast and complement to the precise graphic images of buildings and signs in our current artist interview.

Be sure to show Britta some love by following her on Instagram.

Abstract architecture photo art of the Brooklyn Bridge
Abstract architecture photo art of wind turbines in a field
Abstract architecture photo art of people in front of a skyline
Untitled 2

Thank you for tagging and sharing your amazing work with us, Britta!


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