About our featured artist

This week we feature the abstract doodles of contemporary artist, Mike Caimbeul (@m.caimbeul). Mike has set himself up on the fringes of society, choosing to live and work in the wilderness where he can explore nature and mysticism. His art is an extension of himself, and a way to pass on his experiences. The pictures Mike makes are colourful and playful; sometimes they are tangles of lines and shapes to explore; other times they have a distinct subject where people and animals take form.

It was another difficult choice when it came to picking three of Mike’s images. In the end, I decided on a small cross-section of his work. I hope you find them as intriguing as I do! Please check out Mike’s website, ‘Bongdoodle‘, and his Instagram feed to see more of his super images!

Thank you for tagging and sharing your images with us, Mike!

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