Artist Directory

The Artist Directory is an ongoing A to Z list of every artist we feature on the site. Each entry provides a short bio for the artist and links to their articles, as well as where their work can be found online.

A surreal image of a flamingo amongst bushes in a seascape by Illusography artist Alan Brown

Alan Brown

Alex Sauret

Reimagined Classics - the art of Alisa Smith Williams

Alisa Smith Williams

An image of a solitary figure standing in a misty landscape with a full moon and silhouetted tree by Amanda Parker

Amanda Parker

Anca Balaj

Andrew Kavanagh

An old woman in a green patterned hat by soft surrealism artist, Ashley Geiger

Ashley Geiger

A stylised composite portrait by artist Bader Qabazard

Bader Qabazard

An impressionistic image by featured artist, Barbara Braman

Barbara Braman

A storybook image of a set of buildings made out of old books

Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner

Abstract architecture photo art of wind turbines in a field

Britta Knappmann

An image depicting two silhouetted figures, one seated, the other standing. A shadow falls away from the standing figure to join the seated one

Candice Railton

Celia Anahin

A minimalist portrait of a woman in a white ballgown wearing a glowing crown

Christine O Sobczak

A gothic fantasy image of a pale woman in black surrounded with bats by featured artist Claudio Marchesi

Claudio Marchesi

An impressionist image by featured artist, Constance Fein Harding

Constance Fein Harding

Damian De Souza

A painterly, expressive image of a train with a multicoloured sky as a background by featured artist, Dave Parsons

Dave Parsons

A Dadaist collage featuring a man on the edge of a platform overlooking a desert by David Griffin

David Griffin

A surreal photo-manipulation of ghostly figures by Eileen Tavormina

Eileen Tavormina

An illustrative image of a figure climbing a ladder to the moon by visual storyteller Eleni Gemeni

Eleni Gemeni

Self-portraiture by featured artist, Eliza Badoiu

Eliza Badoiu

A fan art portrait of Gerard Way by Elizabeth Hinders

Elizabeth Hinders


Florencia Magallanes

Cover image with artwork by featured artist, Gillian B

Gillian B

Feature image by featured artist, Giulia Baita

Giulia Baita

Graeme Heddle

Two zebras playing soccer. An image by conceptual artist Happy Dog

Happy Dog