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Portrait of the featured artist, Katya Rosenzweig

This week our artist feature is Katya Rosenzweig and her dreamlike, surrealist images. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Katya now lives in Boston, USA. Katya’s father was an artist and on the faculty at the Polygraph Institute in Moscow. He encouraged Katya to make pictures, small sculptures and also to learn music. This set Katya on her pursuit of art at an early age.

After finishing school, Katya studied art history at the Moscow State University. where she received an MA in Russian art, and a PHD in Philosophy. She worked as a post-graduate in the Academy of Fine Art in Moscow. This was the most conservative place in the art field at that time. Working as researcher, she took classes in photography and the visual arts. She also wrote for art magazines about the new, young generation of artists.

In 1987, Katya and her husband had permission to leave Russia with their children. This was a turning point for her and, after obtaining visas to enter the US, they settled in Boston. It was not an easy time to begin with; Katya was a Russian teacher and curator of exhibitions on Russian artists. and wrote articles about art for a New England magazine.

Katya has made a lot of things during her new life in America. In the last few years, she has studied photography and has begun to make digital works. These new skills give her a new way to express her imagination.

Thank you for sharing you art with us, Katya!

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