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A self-portrait by featured artist, Kid Capo

This week we meet Kid Capo. Kid is a digital artist from Canada. He has been intent on creating a sense of identity in his art. To achieve this stylistically, whether it’s a collage of Elvis Presley, or a Basquiat-style piece of punk art, he has chosen to only feature hook headed creatures in all of his works.

How did you first get into digital art?

I always loved drawing and painting, but in these fast times of instant gratification and the Instagram culture, I wanted to create art that didn’t take me too long. I realised that drawing and painting was, at times, too tedious, traditional, and not as interesting to me. I was overwhelmed when I discovered that I could create digital art on a tablet, and also on my phone. I am able to spit art out with ease and comfort and without thinking too hard about it.

Why did you choose digital art as your medium?

Creating digital art is quick, fun and limitless.

Tell us about the process you use to make your art.

It usually starts with scrolling through Instagram and finding some inspiration from other artists’ works. I then internalise what they’ve done, and think about how I can put my own style and twist on it. Using my hook headed creatures, I create something of my own. By the end of my process, when I am ready to upload, my work looks completely unique and stylistically different.

What inspires you?

History, colours and other artists’ works.

What is your motivation?

The idea that art lives on forever.

Describe your style in three words.

Unconventional grunge pop.

Tell us about any memorable comments or responses you’ve had about your work.

“This piece makes me uncomfortable,”
“Your art really pops.”
“Your creatures are beautifully weird.”

Name three artists who inspire you.

Fernand Leger, Michael Reeder, Alexander Rehnstrom (ittookthenight)

How do you think you’ve improved as an artist compared to when you first started?

When I first started making digital art I mostly drew on paper, then scanned the images. I would fill them on an iPad like a colouring book. Currently, I’m more drawn to real images and creating collage type style art with heavy shadows; all of which still use my hook headed creatures. I’m sure I’ll get tired of what I’m creating now and move on to the next thing that moves me.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when you started making art?

I wouldn’t have much advice to give. I’ve never taken my art too seriously. For me it’s always been another outlet for expression. I have never expected anything from it — so to be doing an interview like this makes me happy to think that in some way, my weird art resonates and connects with certain people.

What devices/equipment do you use to create your art?

An iPad an iPhone.

What software do you use to create your art?

Various scanner apps, Pixlr, and Bazaart.

Do you use images from stock sites in your work?


Do you think digital/new media art is still to be recognised as a valid form of art?

Absolutely! We live in a digital age where apps like Instagram reign supreme, and allow artists like myself to put their art into the world in a quick and effortless manner for instant gratification. It’s gross and beautiful all at the same time.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and art with us, Kid!

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