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Patricia Jollimore is a fine art photographer, currently living in Ocean Shores, Washington USA. Patricia’s style tends to revolve around a whimsical style; taking several images and removing aspects from each to create something completely different.

How did you first get into digital art?

I reached a point in photography where I wanted more. I wasn’t happy photographing the same things everyone else was taking pictures of.

Why did you choose digital art as your medium?

It was a good way to have my work stand alone in combination with photography to create something of my own style.

What artistic styles are you particularly drawn to?

Probably Surrealism, Whimsical and Conceptual.

What inspires you?

It could be a song playing on the radio, a music video or movie that might spark a story I want to relay in my work. Also, I live 2 blocks off the beach, and there’s lots of inspiration to be found there just from everyday things.

What is your artistic motivation?

Well, I do this for a living, so that’s motivation. With that said, I think inspiration and motivation go hand and hand. When I find myself uninspired, then it’s time to take a break for a short bit. Maybe move on to painting or sketching for a week or so.

Of all your images to date, which is your favourite and why?

That’s a tough one. Honestly, I don’t know. Most of them have been a favorite at one point or another. But if I had to pick one today, it would be one of my newest ones called the Red Umbrella [featured above]. I like the raven featured sitting on a red umbrella.

Which three words or phrases would you use to describe your work?

Whimsical, story teller, and rich.

What memorable responses to your artwork have you had?

While I was at an art show this weekend, I was told by a couple that part of their house was like a shrine to my art work. It always surprises me when I meet someone who collects the artwork I produce. It’s so very flattering.

Name three artists who inspire you

Brooke Shaden, I love the dark richness of her images.  I’ve adored Salvador Dali since I was a kid. Recently I’ve really started to like the Russian artist Anton Semenov.

How do you think you’ve improved as an artist compared to when you first started?

Oh, leaps and bounds. When I first started, the only thing I knew how to do in Photoshop was resize and maybe adjust some color. It wasn’t until I went to Photoshop World in Las Vegas 3 years ago, that a whole new world opened up with being able to combine digital arts with photography.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when you started making art?

Actually, I wouldn’t change a thing. Things happen when they’re supposed to. I’ve been on the fast track to learn as much as I can since then. Education, take the classes, go to the expos etc. Technology is constantly changing and it’s important to keep up to date.

What devices/equipment do you use to create your art?

Full Frame Nikon, iPhone 8 Plus, Photoshop, and On1.

Which apps/programs do you use to create your art and which are your favourites?

I primarily use Photoshop, but when I’m editing on my phone, I use DistressedFX, Snapseed, and Mextures,

Do you use images from stock sites as well as your own photos and if so, which are your favourites and why?

No, I use my own images. To be competitive in art galleries, it’s really best to use your own images.

And finally, do you find that digital art is often dismissed as a valid art form?

Sometimes, it depends on who the audience is.

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Thank you so much for doing this interview with us, Patricia!

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