A photo of artist, Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner

Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner has been using Photoshop since its very early days. Her surreal and fantasy images have a distinct storybook style, drawing their inspiration, in part, from Magritte and Dalí. After completing her degree in painting and graphics, she worked as a graphic designer for the town planning department at Solingen council and later became self-employed.

From the early 90s – right from the beginning of the 90s – she began using Adobe Photoshop; digital art fascinated her from the outset. At that time, however, it was still a relatively new medium and the art scene, overwhelmingly, did not take it seriously. With new developments in technology, Brigitte started to move from painting and graphic design into photo montage; she aimed to create new, fantastical worlds using parts of photographs. After many, some very successful, entries in national and international competitions and also with positive feedback on the web, Brigitte knew she was definitely on the right path!

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