About the featured artist

This week’s selection of images from the #twistingpixels Instagram hashtag is the work of mobile artist, Oola Cristina (@oolacristina). Oola’s style is surrealism. Her work weaves its way seamlessly in and out of abstraction, calming minimalism and, in contrast, playful collage. Oola works with a mixture of her photos, stock images and layering elements and subtle textures within the apps she uses.

The three images I have chosen here for the gallery are from a series of Oola’s minimalist pieces, which I find fascinating. Each one features an almost bare room divided by a window, behind which is a single item of focus. There is a sense of calm to the works that you could almost describe as being silent. I would love to see them enlarged to fill a gallery wall!

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Thank you so much for tagging and sharing your fabulous images with us, Oola!

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