Artist Directory

The artist directory is an ongoing list of every artist we feature on the site, the most recent entries first. Each entry provides a short bio for the artist and links to their articles, as well as where their work can be found online.

A gothic fantasy image of a pale woman in black surrounded with bats by featured artist Claudio Marchesi

Claudio Marchesi

A spiritual image of three silhouetted figures. The central figure is glowing white and emitting energy waves by artist John Hawkins

John Hawkins

An impressionistic image by featured artist, Barbara Braman

Barbara Braman

A surreal modern art image by featured artist, Mortimer Dempsey

Mortimer Dempsey

Featured image of an open book by Friday Feature artist, Ollie


A surreal image of a face by abstract portraiture artist, Liliana Schwitter

Liliana Schwitter

Two zebras playing soccer. An image by conceptual artist Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Teaser image - a collaged portrait of a woman by featured artist, Meri Aaron Walker

Meri Aaron Walker

Feature image by featured artist, Giulia Baita

Giulia Baita

Celia Anahin