Artist Directory

The artist directory is an ongoing A to Z list of every artist we feature on the site. Each entry provides a short bio for the artist and links to their articles, as well as where their work can be found online.

A surreal photo-manipulation of ghostly figures by Eileen Tavormina

Eileen Tavormina

A warped reality image of a woman sitting on a chair with a bottle of wine and a glass by her side by Teresa Lunt

Teresa Lunt

An Anime style image of a geeky teenage girl by Lean Rose Rivera

Lean Rose Rivera

A stylised composite portrait by artist Bader Qabazard

Bader Qabazard

A fluid abstract form by artist Pascal Wagner

Pascal Wagner

An image of a solitary figure standing in a misty landscape with a full moon and silhouetted tree by Amanda Parker

Amanda Parker

A Dadaist collage featuring a man on the edge of a platform overlooking a desert by David Griffin

David Griffin

An illustrative image of a figure climbing a ladder to the moon by visual storyteller Eleni Gemeni

Eleni Gemeni

An image of a woman in red looking shamed by expressive self portrait artist Juta Jazz

Juta Jazz

A soft pastel digital abstract image by artist Michael Hunter

Michael Hunter