Artist Directory

The artist directory is an ongoing list of every artist we feature on the site, the most recent entries first. Each entry provides a short bio for the artist and links to their articles, as well as where their work can be found online.

An expressionist photo-painting of a woman in a red dress against an abstract background

Tanya Gordeeva

Featured artist, Nicole Christophe

Nicole Christophe

An abstract doodle of a family reading newspapers and books

Mike Caimbeul

A digital painting of a woman listening to music as she walks down a street

Mario Sughi

A calming, minimalist image of a room divided by a window with a single figure of a person

Oola Cristina

A soulful double-exposure image featuring a self-portrait of the artist with natural elements

Susan Detroy

Jane Schultz

A digital portrait of actress Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

Paul Cemmick

A pop-art collage image of road signs and other street life

Scott Beyor

A psychedelic image of a woman's face partially hidden so only the eyes show

Monika Michl