Artist Directory

The artist directory is an ongoing list of every artist we feature on the site, the most recent entries first. Each entry provides a short bio for the artist and links to their articles, as well as where their work can be found online.

A conceptual collage image of a woman in period costume, her head replaced by a pink flower

Tracey Grumbach

A textured photomontage still life image of a vintage water jug and a bowl of pears.

Simone Riley

A minimalist portrait of a woman in a white ballgown wearing a glowing crown

Christine O Sobczak

An expressive digital painting of a road at dusk with a single car in the distance

Lisa Ann Muro

Abstract architecture photo art of wind turbines in a field

Britta Knappmann

A photo of Battersea Power station edited to resemble a graphic art screen print.

Nigel French

A photo-montage comprising a clock, an abstract piece of architecture and various textures and graphic elements

Michael Vaile Garner

A mirrored disc distorts and reflects a forest path

Sebastien Del Grosso

A swirling purple organic fractal design by Lauri Nobles Davis

Lauri Nobles Davis

A fan art portrait of Gerard Way by Elizabeth Hinders

Elizabeth Hinders