Artist Directory

The artist directory is an ongoing list of every artist we feature on the site, the most recent entries first. Each entry provides a short bio for the artist and links to their articles, as well as where their work can be found online.

An image of a woman in red looking shamed by expressive self portrait artist Juta Jazz

Juta Jazz

A soft pastel digital abstract image by artist Michael Hunter

Michael Hunter

A dream-like portrait of a long-haired man descending a stairway by artist Paul J Toussaint

Paul J Toussaint

An architectural mash-up image by digital artist Jorge Cabrera

Jorge Cabrera

A painterly photo-montage of a woman with twisting shapes emanating from her mouth by featured artist, Mary Ellen Sanger

Mary Ellen Sanger

A surreal collage of a woman on an exercise bicycle being chased by a competition cyclist by featured artist, SLip


Marsha Estes

A surreal image of a flamingo amongst bushes in a seascape by Illusography artist Alan Brown

Alan Brown

A gothic fantasy image of a pale woman in black surrounded with bats by featured artist Claudio Marchesi

Claudio Marchesi

A spiritual image of three silhouetted figures. The central figure is glowing white and emitting energy waves by artist John Hawkins

John Hawkins