About our featured artist

This week’s pick of the #twistingpixels hashtag on Instagram is the work of the artist, Tracey Grumbach. Tracey creates her art with both real and digital media; first by creating her conceptual collages from elements she has cut out from old books, magazines and postcards and then photographing and enhancing them digitally using mobile apps such as Distressed FX and Mextures.

Tracey often bases her images on specific themes. These might be famous literary and pop-culture quotes, or modern concepts such as mindfulness. I have chosen three images from Tracey’s series entitled ‘Growth Mindset‘. Here, Tracey creates the visual metaphor of growth by replacing the heads of her subjects with plants. I love these images as they are playful and have a distinctly Victorian feel to them, with perhaps a nod towards the surreal imagery of Monty Python.

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Thank you for tagging and sharing your amazing images with us, Tracey!

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