What’s new in Distressed FX Plus?

With the ease of use and the fabulous results it produces, Distressed FX has established itself as one of the most popular mobile art apps for iOS devices. So how do you top it? Meet Distressed Fx Plus. Rather than reworking an already tried and tested app, the developers have taken the existing features, added some great new ones and made it a premium app.

This article highlights the new features found in Distressed FX Plus. For a full tutorial and breakdown of the shared features of both versions of the app, head over to our review of Distressed FX.

New features at a glance

Screenshot highlighting the fourteen new and exclusive filters in Distressed FX Plus
New exclusive filters

Exclusive filters

Like its predecessor, Distressed FX Plus comes with two preinstalled filter packs, Original Overlays and Original Textures. Plus has fourteen additional and exclusive filters included in the basic sets (seven in each type).

A screenshot of the exclusive new Atmospheric Light filter pack
The exclusive Atmospheric Light filter pack

All filters at no extra cost

All the original filter packs found in Distressed FX are available to install, as well as a brand new set, Atmospheric Light, which is exclusive to Plus. The difference is they can all be downloaded at no extra cost. That’s already more than the price of the app!

Blend modes

One of the new features in Distressed FX Plus is the ability to change the blend modes of the filters. The default setting is displayed on the currently selected filter tile. Tapping the tile lets you set the mode to one of the three available options: Overlay, Multiply and Hard Light. Each one alters how the filter affects the photo.

The new image sharpening adjustment in Distressed FX Plus
The image sharpening slider

Image sharpening

Image sharpening is also new. Adjusting the top slider in the adjustments section boosts the sharpness of the photo, bringing out more detail. This only affects the image and can produce some interesting results.

Animated screenshot of rotating textures in Distressed FX Plus
Rotating textures

Filter rotation

Another welcome addition is filter rotation. Whilst in the adjustments section, tapping either of the circular arrows at the bottom-right rotates the selected overlay or texture in 90 increments. This is a great way to help further adjust the texture to best match your image content.

The new reset adjustments button
The new reset adjustments button

Reset adjustments

There’s a new icon in the adjustments section, the ‘level’ icon. Clicking this restores the default adjustment settings; useful if you’ve overdone the settings but don’t want to completely revert your edits. Note: if you switch between filters without flattening the image, this also resets all adjustments, apart from image sharpening.

Screenshot showing the choice of JPEG or PNG export
Export as JPEG or PNG

Image export format

Clicking the cog wheel at the top-right of the screen gives the option to switch between saving in PNG and JPEG file format. This setting is remembered between sessions.

In conclusion

There are some great new features in Distressed FX Plus, compared to its sibling. While the price tag of the app might seem a little steep, it’s worth considering that the saving on not having to purchase all the additional filter packs already justifies it. This said, it might not be as appealing to existing users of Distressed FX who have already purchased the additional filter packs. Adding a premium price tag will help to ensure future development, however, which will no doubt see additional tools and filters as the app matures.


  • Same trusted user experience as Distressed FX
  • Exclusive filters
  • New adjustments
  • All filter packs are free


  • Fairly high price tag
  • Current new features might not entice existing users of Distressed FX

Where to buy Distressed FX Plus

Available for iOS only. Works on all recent iPhone and iPad models.

Price (At time of writing): £9.99/$9.99

A button link to the Apple app store
Download Distressed FX Plus in the Apple App Store

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