About our featured artist

This week’s pick from the #twistingpixels Instagram hashtag is the work of Pennsylvanian artist, Jane Schultz. Jane works exclusively with mobile devices, for both photography and editing. She is often the subject of her art, in which she illustrates a particular theme or concept; many are emotionally raw, and we see her baring her soul to the viewer.

Jane’s work has been in exhibitions in many countries and has featured in several publications, both online and in print. She has several Instagram personas, each presenting different aspects of her art; I’ve chosen images from her most prominent account for this feature, @before.1st.light.

As well as creating her art, Jane administers the popular Instagram hub, @ig_artistry which, like Twisting Pixels, plays its part in showcasing the work of digital artists from around the world.

Be sure to follow Jane on Instagram to discover more of her fantastic art!

Thank you for tagging and sharing your artwork with us, Jane!

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