About our featured artist

This week’s Friday feature is the work of Romain Bonnet (@romainbonnet1). Romain, a former professional flamenco guitarist, turned his hand to photography and art. He digitally reworks his photographs, improvising his techniques as he did as a musician, to create wild expressionistic portraits. He achieves his effects using masks and specialist brushes, aiming to create digital art as close to a painting as possible.

I have chosen three works from Romain’s Portraits 2019 series for the gallery. Look closely at the images, and you’ll see a multitude of textures, brush strokes and other elements, such as liquid spatters; all these combine to create abstracts that often use negative space to define the subject.

Be sure to follow Romain on Instagram to discover more of his fantastic work!

Thank you for sharing your art with us, Romain!

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