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Giulia Baita lives in the Mediterranean, on the beautiful island of Sardinia. She has a degree in History of Contemporary Art and is passionate about painting and drawing. Alongside traditional art, Giulia is a big advocate of mobile photography and mobile art. This led her to found the MAG Mobile Art groups on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in March 2017. The purpose of MAG is to promote mobile art as a contemporary art form.

As well as promoting mobile art and photography, Giulia has herself participated in many international exhibitions. These include: Light impressions (two years in Miami), Mobile Award Mira (Porto) and mDAC 2017 (Palo Alto). She has also displayed some of her work in two art exhibitions in her home city of Cagliari.

In March 2018, Giulia organised her own exhibition in Cagliari, titled Mobile Art From All Over The World. The show featured the work of 29 artists (including herself). Subsequently she has created a printed catalog of the exhibition.

Giulia recently worked with jazz composer Marco Testoni and the Pollock Project group in a collaboration of art and music. Her images formed part of a video during their concert in Rome. More of her videos, exclusively made with an iPhone, were selected and shown at festivals such as MoMo Festival, International Mobile Film Festival, Woman’s Mobile Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film Festival.

How did you first get into digital art?

My love for mobile art was born admiring the images on a Facebook group called WIAM: Worldwide iPhonography Movement, directed by Mariano Luchini.

Why did you choose digital art as your medium?

Mobile art is a modern art and is always within my reach. I have everything on the phone: photos and images, along with the apps to edit photos; I then take my work and complete it on my iPad. Not only are the editing possibilities endless, the results can be shared immediately on social media or by e-mail and in a moment, they are in contact with the world.

What artistic styles are you particularly drawn to?

I love colour and a dreamlike style. My images are affected by the colour and the light that I have around me in Italy.

What inspires you?

I feel inspired by beauty, colors, light and a mood that is usually nostalgic.

What is your artistic motivation?

My artistic motivation is simply to express myself. I think that artists are born as such and they cannot do anything other than be themselves. The technique and style may change but making art is something that will always be part of them.

Of all your images to date, which is your favourite and why?

My favourite is the last one [in the gallery of my images above], of course. A portrait of myself immersed in flowers; a sort of forest fairy, a nymph, a woman engulfed by nature has something magical in it. This way of representing myself has always been my favourite.

Which three words or phrases would you use to describe your work?

I am a mobile artist. I have a pictorial style. I am part of a large world community that I love.

What memorable responses to your artwork have you had?

I have had the honour and pleasure of not only being selected in important international contests but I also work for a prestigious mobile art magazine. I also remember with pleasure the collaboration with a well-known Italian jazz musician, Marco Testoni.

How do you think you’ve improved as an artist compared to when you first started?

In the nine years of iPhonography and mobile art, I have improved my technique and I have also learned to recognise my style; the one that best expresses who I am.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when you started making art?

If I could go back I would follow better masters, I think. I do not like regrets: every road is built slowly and that road is ours, even with its mistakes.

What devices/equipment do you use to create your art?

I use an iPhone 6 as well as my iPad Pro.

Which apps/programs do you use to create your art and which are your favourites?

I use a lot of apps. My favourites are Hipstamatic, Slow Shutter, Stackables, iColorama, Repix, Leonardo, PicsArt, Procreate and many more.

Do you use images from stock sites as well as your own photos and if so, which are your favourites and why?

Almost always I use my personal photographic shots. Sometimes I use stickers from PicsArt, Distressed FX, iColorama or other apps.

And finally, do you find that digital art is often dismissed as a valid art form?

I think that digital art is gaining more and more value on the market and that it has greater credibility and appreciation than in the past. Regarding mobile art specifically, the path is different because it is more recent and therefore less widespread in the world.

Where to find Giulia’s work online

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Thank you so much for this interview and the insight into your work, Giulia!