An image of a palm tree with a circle of birds flying above by digital artist Jorge CabreraJorge Cabrera is a freelance photographer/artist. He was born and raised in Southern California and has lived in Los Angeles for over a decade now. Art has always been part of Jorge’s life: as a child there was always an outlet such as colouring and drawing. Into adolescence and part of his young-adult life, he played several instruments, including drums in a punk band. Jorge was later introduced into photography by a relative and that, in turn, led him into digital art; they have been his forms of media for the last decade. In case you haven’t noticed, Jorge has a thing for architecture; creating surreal abstract digital sceneries using his photographs of buildings. Although balance is key in imagery, Jorge also likes to give the viewer sense of disorientation. People have said his style reminds them of M.C. Escher.

Artist Interview