Mario Sughi is a digital artist, originally from Italy but now resides in Dublin, Ireland. Mario’s work is highly distinctive, with images depicting everyday slice-of-life scenes that are often candid. He uses digital media to create art in the same way as traditional paper and canvas. His style has a precise, geometric feel with bold blocks of colour but within it, there is still a sense of organic fluidity.

Mario was born in Cesena in 1961. His father was the artist Alberto Sughi. Under his father’s guidance, Mario began painting and drawing. During his residence in Rome in the 1970s, he first published his cartoons and illustrations for the popular satirical magazines, Il Male and Zut. He graduated from La Sapienza Univesity in 1986 with a degree in Art and History. Mario moved to Dublin three years later, completing his PhD in Medieval History at Trinity College. In 1996 in Queen’s University, Belfast he prepared an edition of a medieval Latin text for the Irish Manuscripts Commission.

On returning to Dublin, he went back to his primary occupation, working as an illustrator for a commercial company of archaeologists. During this time, he started to explore using digital techniques for his drawing and, in 2007 he began creating his art and illustration on a full-time basis. Later that year he had his first group exhibition in Dublin, followed a solo exhibition in Manchester in 2010 and then back in Dublin in 2011.

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