About our featured artist

In this week’s pick from the #twistingpixels hashtag on Instagram, we discover the minimalist portraits of Christine O Sobczak. Christine is an accomplished artist with a distinctive style. The subjects of her art are mainly women, often photos of her daughter in law. She also works with archival prints which she buys from antique shops.

Christine creates her art solely with mobile devices, which she uses both for photographing and editing her images. She uses mark making techniques; adding shapes, spots of colour and action lines that help to guide the viewer’s attention.

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A minimalist portrait of a woman in a white ballgown wearing a glowing crown
Magnetic Flux
A minimalist portrait of a woman in black
A minimalist portrait of a woman in period costume with a red circle overlaid on her chest

Thank you so much for tagging and sharing your images with us, Christine!


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