About our featured artist

This week’s pick of the #twistingpixels hashtag on Instagram features some stunning fractal designs by Lauri Nobles Davis. Fractals are patterns of infinitely recurring shapes, where each iteration is a smaller version of itself. It’s no coincidence that these digitally generated fractals look so organic; they are everywhere in nature in the form of snowflakes, plants, crystals and so on.

Lauri uses an open-source program called Apophysis to create her art. The program is only available for PCs, sadly but there are many Mac based equivalents if you search Google. It’s well worth spending some time experimenting and it’s fun to watch them as they evolve.

Thank you for tagging and sharing your work with us, Lauri!

Be sure to show Lauri some love by following her on Instagram (@savagepoodles_fractals)!

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