About our featured artist

This week’s pick of the #twistingpixels hashtag on Instagram is Heiko Mergard (aka. fotofluter). Heiko is a German artist who combines photographs, textures, text and hand-drawn elements to create his phantasmagoric abstracts. Many of his images illustrate a concept or story and are always in the most lucid of colours.

I enjoyed looking through Heiko’s work to choose the three images for the gallery; each one has so much to explore, so it was a difficult choice. You need to take a close look at these images, as what at first looks like a random texture or pattern is very often a whole set of smaller images within!

Be sure to follow Heiko on Instagram to see more of his fabulous work!

A phantasmagoric abstract image sectioned off with eyes and faces inside the panels.
The Dark Side of Limelight
A phantasmagoric abstract with strong dividing objects in red and blue.
A phantasmagoric abstract image of a futuristic city in the mountains
Planetary Burden

Thank you so much for tagging and sharing your images with us, Heiko!


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