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Seta Nua is a Parisian surrealist artist. Creativity is at the heart of Seta’s life, having grown up in an artistic family. She attended the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art et Design de Nancy, where she specialised in the graphic arts. In her studies of visual communication, she learnt about the idea of using strong concepts in the image creation process.

Seta describes her art as being objective and conveying a particular message, rather than being that of self-expression. The surreal collages she creates feature elements from pop culture and symbolisms; combining contradictory narratives to convey hidden meanings of current affairs and the human condition.

Seta’s inspiration comes, in part, from the paintings of artists like Brueghel, Dali and Escher. Currently, she uses free apps such as Photoshop Express and Mirrorart on her Android devices to create her work. She hopes to move onto more professional tools in the future.

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