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A portrait of artist, Susan Detroy

Susan Detroy is an artist living in Eugene, Oregon. Susan’s artwork has its roots in the natural world; she combines self-portraits with photos she takes of the scenery around her to create spiritual and soulful double-exposure images.

Susan grew up in southern Indiana, with times residing in Spain and Mexico. Her career in the arts began in the ’80s when she worked as a freelance photographer. Since then she has been a gallery curator and installation designer, as well as an art instructor and artistic coach. Susan has been creating art all her life; first as a dancer, then as a photographer/filmmaker and since the ’80s, making 2D art.

Currently, Susan creates digital and handmade art. Most of her current artwork employs layering techniques; primarily using the iPhone/iPad with apps and then with her unique methods transfer and printing processes. So far, she has created five series of work in the 40 years of art-making: transfer printing, mixed media painting, folkloric ink drawings, infrared photography and digital art.

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